1975-1980: Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris
1980-1981: Whitney Independent Study Program


"A cumulative tale", group show curated by Brigitte Engler and Robin Winters, SPRING/BREAK Art Show

"Walking through Downtown New York". a three person show with Jonas Mekas and Pat Place presented by Laura Bloom, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, NYC

"Hey Honey Wanna Lift?" and "Transferts de Manhattan", a two person show of artist's books with Jane Dickson Charles P Stevenson Library, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

"Livres d'artistes", curated by Tom Wolf, Bard College, Annandale-On-Hudson, NY

"Gutter gleaners ", one person show, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, presented by Cynthia Sley

"This and That", a two person show with Justen Ladda, NTN, 181 Orchard St, NYC

"Folding/Unfolding", (solo show), Bullet Space, New York
with additional evening performance in collaboration with Aurelia Thierrée and screening of Youth of New-York City, short documentaries by Zander Bo Nachamie and Rohan Sheridan
"A More Store ", Printed Matter, NYC
"Le Pli Baroque", Pen Castel, Morbihan, France. Vidéo images and sound installation in partnership with ecological collectivity (Interviews in Ouest-France and Le Télégramme).
"Grafitti Imprints", one person show, Max Fish, NYC

"Places and Things ", Dorian Grey gallery, NYC
Group show curated by David Kuo, Max Fish, NYC

"D(raw)", Bullet Space, NYC
"Matiere et Memoire", fabric installation in the tide, Tidal Mill of Pen Castel, Morbihan, (Interview In Ouest France and Le Télégramme).
Group show curated by Klughaus, Max Fish, Miami Art Basel
"Le show des amis", Showroom gallery, NYC

"Imprints", a one person exhibit by Brigitte Engler, Ceci n'est pas : art between France and Los Angeles. .
"Nature Artificielle, Artifice Naturel", (solo show), Commonwealth and Council, Koreatown, LA

"Twin Twin" , Pierogi Gallery, New York
"The Art Machine", The Hole Gallery, New York
"Collaborative and other related projects", Printed Matter, New York

One person show. Gordon Pym & fils, Paris, France Group show curated by
Thom Corn, Tribes Gallery, New York

“Nincompatible” 3 persons show: Brigitte Engler, Richard Hell, Walter
Robinson. Bowman/Bloom Gallery, New York (interview and photographs in
Awanted magazine)

“The Beast in Me”. Bowman/Bloom Gallery, New York
Group show. Varga Gallery. Woodstock, New York
“Swipple”curated by Jason Wright. Eastern Michigan University, MI

Group show. The Silent Space. Kingston, New York

“East Village Vintage”. Hal Bromm Gallery, New York
“East Village ASU”. B.Side Gallery, New York
“Manhattan” curated by Carol Lee. Santos, New York

“Sink or Swim”. Drink me, New York

One person show. Post Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca ( written up by Chris Kraus in

“In the detail” curated by Kiki Smith, Barbara Gross Gallery, Munich, Germany
Group show. Bronwyn Keenan Gallery, New York
Graphic Abstraction, curated by Carlo McCormick. Avalanche Solutions, New York

La Plazza Cultural ( mural in community garden)
“Gardens of Urban Delight”, Henry Street Settlement gallery, New York

“Neo-conceptual art” curated by Anastasia Auckerman. Artists Space, New York.
Group show. Livestock Gallery, New-York

“Urban Outsiders” curated by Carlo McCormick and Aaron Rose. Holly Solomon
Gallery, New York
Group show. Thicket Gallery

“Songs of Retribution”, curated by Nancy Spero. Richard Anderson Gallery, New York

One person show. World Tattoo Gallery, Chicago, Il

One person show. Richard Anderson Fine Arts (review in Art in America)
“Miauhaus” curated by Gottfried Tollman. Thread Waxing Space, New York ( review in
New York Times)
Group show curated by Paul Bridgewater. Elsa Mott Ives Gallery, New York

“Burning in hell”, a show of artists books curated by Nancy Spero. Franklin Furnace
Gallery, New York
Two person show. Richard Anderson Gallery, New York (review in Arts Magazine)
Group show. Ground Zero Gallery, New York
“Multiple show” curated by John Drury. Max Fish, New York

“Nepotism show” curated by Mike Osterhout. Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY
“Tracers”curated by Carlo McCormick. Zero One Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca

Group show curated by David West. Asylum Gallery, New York

One person show. The New York Public Librairy, Tompkins Square Branch ( listing and
photograph in PAPER magazine)

“Anniottanta” curated by Corrado Levi. Musei Comunali di Rimini (450 page catalogue)
“Five French Artists living in New York” curated by Charlotta Kotik and Lynn Gumpert.
 French Cultural Services, New York

“A more store” Jack Tilton Gallery, New York
Group show. Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic
Group show. Nada Gallery, New York

Fashion Moda, Bronx, NY ( reviewed in the New York Times, Westchester section)
“Subculture” organized by Group Material in the advertising spaces of subway cars

Publications/ Reviews:

Ouest France, Sept, 2016, L'artiste recontre le territoire
Le Telegramme, July, 2016, La science et l'art s'associent
Le Telegramme, May 2016, Un cafe recontre jeudi dernier

L.I. Art, Brigitte Engler
Ouest France, July, 2014, A Pen Castel une expo pour prendre son temps
Le Telegramme, May 2014, Brigitte Engler Expose Ses Broderies

The Huffington Post, Feb, 2013 Imprints of Sidewalk Grafitti

"Let's get lost" writing piece for website of Ceci n'est pas...        

Interview for Awanted magazine ( 2 photographs)
Review of the Nincompatibles show in SFMOMA blog by Michelle Tea
Charles Finch’s article on the Nincompatibles show for Artnet

Art in America. Review of one person show
New-York Times. Review of group show by Kim Levin
Paper magazine

Arts Magazine. Review by Peggy Ciphers

Nepotism catalogue. Hallwalls

Anniottanta (350 pages)
Paper magazine

Village Voice
Listing Diario Magazine, Dominican Republic

New-York Times . Review by William Zimmer


A book about Colab (and Related Activities)

Made magazine. Artist project curated by Chris Kraus, in collaboration with Sylvère Lotringer published by
Columbia Magazine

Pataphysics, Australia. Prints by Brigitte Engler. Text “Never any ever after” by
Sylvere Lotringer.

Pataphysics magazine, Australia. Collaboration with Sylvère Lotringer. Prints by
Brigitte Engler.

Ode to Pan, prints and poems by Brigitte Engler/ John Flash artists’book
collection/ Women artists archives national directory

Art Fairs:

SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2019
SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018
SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2017

2005: Miami Art Basel. Jack Tilton Gallery

2000: Meat Market Art Show, Arena& Feed Gallery, New-York

Residencies/ Misc.:

2009: Nominated for the Tiffany Foundation Prize.

2001: Nominated for the Tiffany Foundation Prize.

1986: Tompkins Square Librairy. Artist in residence.

1984: Altos de Chavon, Domenican Republic. Artist in residence.

1981: Lower East Side Printshop. Key holder.

Other activities:

1984-1989: Art columnist for PAPER magazine

1983: Art columnist for Ici New-York, a French monthly