Performance by Aurelia Thierrée with a recorded reading of a text "Le voyage" by Charles Baudelaire translated by Richard Hell.
It was presented as part of Brigitte Engler "Folding/Unfolding" at Bullet Space on October 6, 2016 and videotaped by Andy del Barco.

2016: Photographs by Brigitte Engler in her one person show "Folding/Unfolding" at Bullet Space.
Aurelia Thierrée's performance.

Made magazine. Artist project commissioned
by Chris Kraus. Drawings from the crowds
series by B. Engler published with a text on
Panic by S. Lotringer (Columbia College,
Chicago IL.).
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Artists projects with Sylvère Lotringer, a frequent
collaborator, editor of Semiotext(e) and Foreign
Agents Series
Pataphysics Magazine: 3 linocut prints
published with excerpt from “ Never Any
Ever After” by S. Lotringer (Australia).
Pataphysics books: “Never any ever after”,
linocut prints published with S. Lotringer
autobiographical fiction (Australia).